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How to Get a German Passport for Baby (Kinderreisepass)

Do you want to travel with your baby for a vacation outside Germany? Well, that’s a nice idea. That would be a great experience for your baby and for the whole family. 

But if you will travel outside the country, then your baby must have Passport. Even if your family decided to travel around EU countries, your baby will still need a passport or the Kinderreisepass in German.

Don’t worry because, in this article, I will be sharing with you what we did when we applied for a German passport for our baby or the Kinderreisepass here in Germany.

What is Kinderreisepass?

This is the passport issued for children under 12 years old. In order for your child to travel outside Germany by airplane, even if he/she is a German citizen, they must still present a travel passport, but in their case, it is called Kinderreisepass (in German). My son is 16 months old, so he is categorized for this type of travel passport.

Where to Apply for the Kinderreisepass?

Based on our experience, we went to the Rathaus (City office). In some cities, it might be different. I suggest calling the Rathaus first if that is the correct office for the application of the passport for your child.

What are the Requirements for Kinderreisepass?

german passport kinderpass

1. 1x Passport size picture of your child. I would recommend you to go to the studio instead of the photo booth that you may find in the supermarket. The reason why is because, in-studio, they can do a professional-looking passport picture. But in the photo booth, it is only an electronic machine and the picture is not professional looking. You will pay more for the studio, however, you will get a better quality picture for your child’s passport.

2. Geburtsurkunde of your Baby (Birth certificate) – this is important for the application of your child’s passport. They will use it to validate the information of your child according to what is written on the birth certificate.

3. Parent’s Ausweis (Parent’s ID) – This is for verification of the information of your child as a parent.

4. Application Fee – In our case, we paid 13 euros for the application fee. However, it might be different from other cities. Oh before I forgot, they only accept cash. So make sure you have enough cash for paying the Kinderreisepass. 

5. Application Form – We didn’t fill out this application form. The guy who arranged our application already printed out the form with the information about our son. We only signed at the bottom of the form and it’s done.

NOTE: These documents, also the picture will be returned to you. You only have to show those documents for information and validation.

Validity of the Kinderreisepass?

The Kinderpass under 12 years old is valid for one year. It also has fewer pages compared to the normal travel passport for adults.

How long does it take to get the German Passport for the Baby?

Luckily, we got the passport of our baby in less than 5minutes. Again, some cities might not be the same as our city. I read, that in some cities takes 1-2 days. Better ask before you apply.

What if my husband/wife is not with me when I apply for the Kinderreisepass?

If in case your partner is not available when you apply for the Kinderreisepass, he/she must write a Vollmacht (Authorized letter) that he/she is allowing you to apply for a passport for your child on behalf of him/her. Without this, they will not allow you to apply alone.

How much is the Kinderreisepass?

The Kinderreisepass costs 13 Euro. But it might be different from other cities. Make sure to ask before you apply.

Steps on How to Get Kinderreisepass

Based on our experience, here are the steps on how to apply for Kinderreisepass in Germany.

1. Call the Rathaus and make an appointment. 

Due to Covid, it is now mandatory to make a Termin (appointment) to offices. They will tell you what you need to prepare.

2. Go to Photo Studio for a Passport Picture of your Child.

I already mentioned above, why it is better to go to a photo studio for the passport picture of your child. This is also because they know the proper size and background you needed for the application.

3. Prepare all the requirements.

This is not so difficult to do since you only need 3 documents. Unlike for the Marriage visa application, you need tons of documents to prepare.

4. Go to your appointment. 

In our case, I have my husband and my son with me when we applied for the Kinderpass. But, if in case your husband/wife is not with you, you have to bring Vollmacht (authorized letter) from your partner, so they will allow you to apply on your partner’s behalf. 

5. Wait for the passport to be done.

We only waited for around 5 minutes for the passport of our baby. Unlike in the Philippines, you have to wait for hours and sometimes days before the release of the passport.

german passport kinderpass


So, there you go. Your child has now Kinderreisepass. You are now ready to travel outside Germany with your family. Remember to enjoy your vacation and make it the best and most memorable out-of-county vacation for your little one and the whole family.

Share your experience by commenting down below about how you apply for the Kinderreisepass for your child.

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