Strategies on How to Pass German A1 Exam

  • Course level: Beginner


In this course, you will learn the secrets and the strategies on how you can easily answer and pass the German A1 exam.

This course is not a traditional one-on-one online class.

This is well organized with “video explained” lessons, online sample exams, and lots of tips when answering A1 test.

You have all control of whenever and wherever you want to learn this course through desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile.


What Will I Learn?

  • Strategies on how to pass the A1 German Language Test
  • Easily answer every part of the test
  • Avoid red flags on making a mistake
  • Write a letter fast and easy
  • Boost your knowledge in all parts of the test

Topics for this course

5 Lessons3h 05m

Overview (READ FIRST)

Introduction to A1 Test

Hören Test (Listening Test)

Lesen Test (Reading Test)

Schreiben Test (Writing Test)

Sprechen Test (Speaking Test)


Material Includes

  • 14 days Intensive Review Course
  • Includes lots of sample actual test
  • Automated answer for every exercise
  • 90+ Speaking Sample Thema (Teil 3)
  • 60+ Speaking Sample Thema (Teil2)
  • Manual checking for Writing Part
  • Active Support Chat 24/7

Enrolment validity: 14 days


  • Must have basic A1 level
  • Willing to take an intensive review

Target Audience

  • Who is taking the German Language A1 Exam
  • Struggling in Preparation for A1 Level German Test
  • Wants to easily answer the A1 German Test
  • Who wants to pass A1 German Language Exam
  • Who wants to learn the technique in writing German letter