Hello and welcome to my site!

I am Sarah (aka Sars). I am a certified nurse by profession, but after coming to Germany, I started to love the German language, and that’s when my teaching journey started.

I studied the German language and passed the proficiency test. I worked hard to improve my German skills to be able to help people in learning German.

With my very own method of teaching, I helped more than 100+ students (and counting), since 2019 with my proven strategies and method of learning German much easier and helping them pass their A1 German exam.

Like you, I also struggled with learning German. The grammar, Gender, article, etc, makes the learning more boring and complicated.

But, while I was studying, I discovered a method how to remember and understand the main topics faster and easier, and that is by creating a song.

Yes!! Singing is my hobby and I love to write songs (but not a songwriter). I chose the topics that are difficult to memorize and put them in a song to the tune of children’s songs.

It helped me to get high scores on my proficiency test. And with this method, the topics stay in long-term memory.

Most of my students are amazed and happy to learn my amazing method, and even if they are on an advanced level, they still have my lyrics in their heads.

If you are struggling to learn German language, I would love to help you build a good foundation and teach you the easier and more effective way.

I want you to enjoy learning the German language. No reason to be stressed while learning Deutsch.

If you are interested to start learning with me, feel free to explore my site or sign up for my free minicourse to help you get started.

Bis bald. Tschüß.

Liebe Grüße