Learning German for Beginners

  • Course level: Beginner


In this course, you will learn the full A1 course in learning German for Beginners.

This course is not a traditional one-on-one online class.

This is well organized with “video explained” lessons, online quizzes, and vocabulary slides with audio.

You have all control of whenever and wherever you want to learn this course through desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile.

What Will I Learn?

  • Learn the Alphabets, and pronunciation
  • Learn the basic greetings for Formal and informal form
  • Understand and use familiar, everyday expressions
  • Introduce oneself (ex. where they live, name, hobbies etc)
  • Communicate in a simple and basic German sentences
  • Tell time and count numbers
  • Ask and answer questions
  • Tell basic information about everyday life
  • Give and understand directions
  • Learn how to order at the restaurant
  • Say something about the past events
  • Tell something about the future events
  • Build a good foundation in all A1 lessons

Topics for this course

67 Lessons10h 5m

Getting Started

The German Alphabet00:7:53
Test Yourself
German Pronunciation00:8:20

Module 01: Essential Expression

Module 02: People and Family

Module 03: The Numbers

Module 04: Around the House

Module 05: Everyday Life

Module 06: At the Restaurant

Module 07: Around the City

Module 08: Describing Things

Module 09: How Are You Feeling?

Module 10: At the Work

Module 11: The Lifestyle

Module 12: The Vacation

Wrapping Up

learn german language for beginners

Material Includes

  • 12 Modules
  • 3-4 Lessons per Module
  • 4-6 Quizzes per Module
  • Final Test per Module
  • Vocabulary Builder with Audio
  • Vocabulary Slideshow
  • Include some A2 Level lessons
  • 9 Composed Song for Easy Learning
  • Full and Active Assistance/Support

Enrolment validity: 90 days

Target Audience

  • With zero or basic German Language
  • Wants to learn A1 Level German