zahlen and bezahlen Exercises

In learning German language, these two verbs are sometimes confusing.

Let’s take a look their differences.

zahlen – to pay

PronounsPresent TensePerfect Tense 
ichzahlehabe gezahlt
duzahlsthast gezahlt
er/sie/eszahlthat gezahl
wirzahlenhaben gezahlt
ihrzahlthabt gezahlt
Siezahlenhaben gezahlt
siezahlenhaben gezahlt

Basically, the word “zahlen” is a general word for “pay”. You can use this when you are using currency or money to pay for something.

For example, when we give money to a person who does something for us, or if we are the boss of a company then we have employees and we have to pay these employees every month.“Der Mann word für seine Arbeit bezahlt.”We usually use zahlen with an amount of money.

bezahlen – to pay; to pay for/up; to make-up; to settle

PronounsPresent TensePerfect Tense
ichbezahlehabe bezahlt
dubezahlsthast bezahlt
er/sie/esbezahlthat  bezahlt
wirbezahlenhaben bezahlt
ihrbezahlthabt bezahlt
Siebezahlenhaben bezahlt
siebezahlenhaben bezahlt

On the other hand with bezahlen, it also means “to pay” but is used in different situations.

This verb is used if you are paying money to someone, or when you receive an item or a service and give money in exchange.

(Full explanation on How to Use zahlen and bezahlen in German Language)

Check out the exercises below to assess what you have learned.

Choose the correct verb to fill in the blanks.