Nominative and Accusative with Indefinite Article

Learning German language will not be complete without the Nominative and Accusative case. It is important that you master these two before heading to more deeper lessons in the German language.

The nominative case is one of the four grammatical cases that are used in German. It indicates the subject of a sentence. It is also the doer of the action word. It also answer the question; “who does the action“.


Example: Ich trinke einen Kaffe. ( I drink a coffee ) – “Ich” is the subject and the doer of the action word “drink”. If you will ask yourself, “who drink a coffee, the answer is “ich”.

The accusative case is the case which is used to mark the direct object of a sentence. It answer the question; “what or who the verb is directing to“.

Example: “Ich trinke einen Kaffee“. ( I drink a coffee ). “einen Kaffee” is the direct object of the sentence. If you will ask, “what I drink?” The answer is “a coffee” (einen Kaffee).

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